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Top 10 Ridiculous High Heel Shoes

In modern society, there are more and more crazy designs for clothes, handbags as well as shoes. Some people think that it is impossible for these ridiculous shoes to be popular, but some people desire to purchase these shoes to catch attention. They want to be noticed. Just like some celebrities, they always are brave enough to try these shoes. Here I will present 10 ridiculous high heels.

1. Spider Shoesspider shoes

There is a spider in the sole of this shoe. Perhaps, the designer wants to help the wearers get out fear of spiders.

2. Lego HeelsLego high heels

If you are interested in Lego, you can try these Lego shoes. They are colorful and interesting.

3. DVD ShoesDVD Shoes

These shoes are versatile. You can listen to some beautiful music while walking, especially when you forget to bring your iPod.

4. Giraffe-shaped ShoesGiraffe-shaped shoes

These shoes are your first choice if you love animals very much.

5. Ship ShoesShip Shoes

If you have large enough feet and are a little bit romantic, you can choose these shoes to sail away.

6. Banana ShoesBanana Shoes

These shoes are very amazing. They look like real bananas.

7. Grass SandalsGrass Sandals

The soft green grass can give you the most comfortable feeling when you wear them.

8. Pistol ShoesPistol Shoes

These shoes are so strange that you should be brave enough to wear them.

9. Webbed ShoesWebbed Shoes

These shoes are popular with some cool girls who are very interested in swimming.

10. Black BootsBlack Boots

These shoes are very hot and a little bit weird, but there are still many celebrities wearing them to show their fashion tastes.

If you are brave enough, you can try the above ridiculous shoes.